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Videos on network visualization

For more information about the scripts and/or questions please contact me.

This video shows the cascading effect produced by an early delayed flight from Syracuse to Atlanta. The flight connectivity parameter value used for this model simulation is only for visualization purposes. 

Developed using python library Simplekml.


SimpleKml: It is a python package for generating KML (or KMZ) files. Keyhole Markup Language (KML) is a file format used to display geographic data. It was first developed for representing 2D & 3D maps with Google Earth.




This video represents the real unfolding events of the congested clusters throughout March 12, 2010. The red color represents the largest cluster in a time period of one hour, in yellow other clusters of congested airports different from the largest one and in green airports not congested. Each frame (or map) was constructed using python Basemap toolkit and edited with Menconder.


Basemap: It is a Python Matplotlib toolkit that provides an easy and efficient way to draw plots over real world maps

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